Philosophy Outreach Project (POP)

Through the Philosophy Outreach Project (POP), university students engage with high school students across Indiana. By curating philosophical content and fostering philosophical discussion, POP provides high school students with tools and a platform to engage with each other and the world. Learn more by visiting the POP website. You can also find the Philosophy Outreach Project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Resources produced by POP students have also been published on the website of PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization).

Conference for Pre-College Philosophy 2022
Conference for Pre-College Philosophy 2019
Conference for Pre-College Philosophy 2018

Radical Philosophy Association

I am co-coordinator of Radical Philosophy Association (RPA), which is a non-sectarian, international forum for the philosophical discussion of fundamental social change. We host a biennial conference and a monthly discussion series on Facebook live, titled “Radical Philosophy Hour.” We also publish the Radical Philosophy Review.